Saturday, July 8, 2017


JR and Granny Sherry are home from Minnesota. They had a great time and JR kept commenting on how nice everybody was to him.

He enjoyed seeing where Granny Sherry and Grandpa Gary grew up, and as he put it, "meeting all the family that looks like Reed." 

Speaking of meeting family, there was plenty of that.

He spent some time with Grandpa Gary's brother, Ronnie, who we think looks like the Duck Dynasty version of Gary.

And a handful of the many "little cousins" he has on Granny Sherry's side.  
(They are Sherry's great, great nephews so I have no idea what they would actually be called.)

He also got to go to The Mall of America  (which clearly he enjoyed).

The poor child finally got to eat at Bubba Gump's since we never take him with us, and not surprising, he answered all the trivia questions without a hesitation. 

He got to enjoy some Minnesota nature, but I think his favorite thing was playing cards every night.
I think he might have racked up quite the gambling debt...I think I owe some vikings some money.

And with him finally home, that means in the month of June he spent exactly 7 nights at home.
Must be nice to be JR. 

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Anonymous said...

We really loved having JR come with Sherry this year!! What a nice young man he is. We kept him busy with so many different activities and when it was nothing going on, we played games!We taught him all the card games and he caught on fast!! I'm glad he enjoyed meeting so many of his relatives in MN!!!