Sunday, October 20, 2013

Where Have I Been?

I know, I know.
I hardly ever go 3 days without blogging.
But, extreme times call for extreme measures.
And nowhere is quite as extreme as Vegas.
We flew out Thursday with our friends, Scott and Debbie, and spent the weekend:
Seeing two shows...Absinthe and Love 

Eating waaayyy too much at every celebrity chef's restaurant we could find.
(Yes, that says 'Tom Colichio's')
Sitting by the pool.
Snow in Denver. 80 and sunny in Vegas.
Stalking out Britney's next two years.
Drinking girly drinks.
(The boys like the girly drinks better than the girls!)
And, oh yeah, we did a tiny bit of gambling too.
I spent exactly $5 in this machine.
 I thought it would bring me luck.
 It did not.

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Anonymous said...

Love the black outfit. You look great! MR