Monday, June 18, 2018

Comprobando en Juan Roberto (Checking in on JR)

The group that JR is with in Spain told us they would be posting pictures to a website each day.
They haven't been doing that, so I've really had no idea how JR is doing (since he doesn't check in with us).

Last night I happen to get on Twitter and was excited to see that his principal had posted some pictures from their trip.

This tweet cracked me up because their principal is Dr. Williams.  JR has always called him "D Willy" when he talks about him...and I guess JR let Dr. Williams know that on this trip.

This was from their trip to Antequera. That's JR in the lime green shirt. 

And I have no idea where they are, why JR is the only one shirtless, or where he got a cowboy hat. 

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