Saturday, June 16, 2018

Celebrating Trump's Birthday

Thursday was our president's birthday.

It was very sweet of my friend's to celebrate Trump's birthday for me in such a big way.

Thursday is my normal spin class day. I got to pick the music, and since almost every one of my songs was from a 1980's hair band, they decorated my bike in rocker chic, everyone dressed up in rocker black, and we all wore Bret Michael's bandannas. 
 (Who knew Trump was such a fan of spin and Motley Crue?)

Here's my bike, they even put my fan right in front of it for me.

They put me in front of the class to ride next to our teacher.  Everyone knows I'm always lip syncing along to the songs I like, so they gave me a blow up microphone to "perform" in to whenever I wanted.  You can see it hanging down from the bike. 

Then April, Jenn, and Julie took me to lunch at a new "it" Houston place Fig and Olive.

They know Trump and I love a party hat...

And we also love ridiculousness

You can see I wasn't excited at all that they got Trump a birthday cake too! 

Then Jason and I went to dinner that night at Emmaline.  I had been there for the school's Mother's Day lunch, but Jason (and probably Trump) hadn't.  I don't have a picture from that. 

So our president's birthday day was definitely celebrated big time. 

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