Tuesday, January 7, 2014

These People Are 6 Today

You can't really tell 5 year olds turning 6 that now's not a good time for their birthday, and can we postpone it a week or two?
You also can't fake them out by telling them January 7th hasn't come yet, and that it's in a few weeks.
I tried plan #3 and said, "Why don't you invite a friend and I'll take y'all out to lunch?"
After they named half their class as friends they just had to take to lunch, I went ahead and just threw them a party.
It was the same exact party they had last year (at our rec center in the gymnastics area), but I had no time or energy for originality this year.
Poor Jason didn't even get to come since he was home with the packers/movers. 
Here are their party guests.

And here they are happy to be the center of attention. 
(I get points for getting them each their own cake, right?)
Kyle had a fishing cake (I call it the "Fishing with Freddie" cake).

And Reed picked out bowling  (The bowling with Granny cake).
And they got to do this

And this

so everybody was happy.

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Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Those are two cute little birthday boys. MR