Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mr. December

Remember way back in March or April when Reed was a winner in the Texas beaches art contest?
One of his prizes was that his picture would be in the Texas General Land Office calendar.
Reed kept asking me about the calendar and why we hadn't gotten one.  I told him they must not have forwarded it to our new address. (We were still in the rent house when he won.)
I got an email from the TX Land Office the other day saying that Reed's calendar had been returned, and they'd like to get it to us.
Within a day or two they delivered 10 of them to me!
(Reed's kindergarten teacher emailed me and said they had sent her 10 too.)
Since there were 40 winners, not every kid got to have their picture as the main monthly picture, most pictures were just featured in little squares alongside the date boxes.
When I got the calendar I kept looking and looking for Reed's. I finally found him...I'm calling him Mr. December since he got the prime December spot!
(I know it's hard to see, it says "Reed Ingersoll, Age 6" in yellow under his picture.)

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