Friday, January 9, 2015

Oil Pastels

I didn't even know what oil pastels were, but Reed kept asking for them for Christmas.
In fact, it was the number one thing on his list, and he'll tell you it was his favorite thing Santa Claus brought him.
He learned from the drawing videos he watches online that he needed oil pastels to be able to blend colors.  I thought they were just going to make a huge mess, but here's what he brought me his first time using them.
"See how I can blend my colors, mom.  You can blend crayons."
What can I say, he was right.  He needed those oil pastels.
Then to show me how he's been needing them all along, he brought me two pictures to compare.
Sonic in crayon at the top. Oil pastels at the bottom.
But he did learn that you can't oil pastel everything.
Here's his Elsa he did with crayons and a sharpie.
Now, I saw his Anna when it was just in pencil, and I actually thought it was better than his Elsa.
After he oil pasteled it...not so much.

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