Wednesday, January 4, 2017


We had Christmas morning the evening of December 28th.
We got home and saw that Santa had arrived and that the elf was gone (yay!)

We made it back at 4:00, and Kyle had basketball practice at 5:00, so we actually didn't have Christmas until he got back from that. 

Favorite presents included:
2 ft tall stilts 

A mini trampoline (so they would stop flipping off my couch) and a mat (so they would stop landing on my couch cushions.  
They also got a slack rope...I'm pretty sure they want to run off and join the circus. 

And they got a fish.
His name is Donald Trump Ingersoll

Kyle is already a master of the stilts (this was the first night he learned) and they've taken tons of videos of their flips, but they are all on Kyle's ipad so I'll have to post those later. 

The slack rope is a lot trickier, Reed is the best at that with only 3 steps taken! 

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