Monday, January 9, 2017

We Almost Froze

It got down into the 20's here in Houston this weekend.  
Which basically means everyone lost their minds.

I had to bring the plants in, which I think might be the first time in about 2 years.
Our bedroom looked like this 

A water-pipe burst and sprayed a tree on the main road that we live off of.
Everyone acted like they'd never seen ice before.

People lined up to have their pictures made, and of course, stopped their cars in the middle of a crazy, busy 4 lane street with no regard to traffic or getting run over.  
(I was on the sidewalk...I'm not about to risk life and limb for an ice tree!)


Anonymous said...

I want to feel sorry for you all, but it's hard when it's been below zero here for a week. Heat wave today, reached 15 degrees!! Just kidding, I know it feels cold when you're used to such warm weather.


Anonymous said...

My daughter and son-in-law did a race in northern Wisconsin this weekend. Pulled a heavy sled 80 miles when it was 20 below!!! Yes, I agree, it was crazy, but they finished!!