Monday, May 8, 2017

Hakuna Matata

JR played Mufasa in 4 shows of the Lion King this weekend. 

I didn't see JR in Little Women before Christmas, so this is the first show I've seen JR in since the fall of his 6th grade year. 

Jason and I both commented it was weird seeing him as one of the oldest kids in the show. He's definitely grown up. 

Some of the shows Baby Simba was played by the director's 2 year old son (which was really cute). This show baby Simba was a stuffed animal. 

There was a lot of JR looking over his kingdom. 

His big death scene.
I think this is his first death scene he's ever had. 

He did get to come back and sing and dance in Hakuna Matata (as a chorus member, obviously not as Mufasa) and then he was also an elephant in Circle of Life in the finale. 

It was a fun show!

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