Monday, May 22, 2017

Principal of the Day

We bought principal of the day for JR at the middle school auction this year.

He got to be the principal on Friday and he loved being in charge. 

He caught kids vaping in the bathroom, got to get his friends out of class, taught 6th grade music, went to the administration building, went to the high school, went to the 8th grade picnic, and monitored 6th grade lunch. 

Here he is preparing for the day
He wore a bow tie because their principal wears bow ties all the time.

Their principal took JR and 3 of his friends out to lunch off campus.  I made JR promise to take a selfie of them and this is what I got. 
2 friends half faces, but JR and his principal are in it, I guess JR was only letting the bosses be in the picture.

According to JR is was definitely money well spent. 

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