Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Party 4 14

JR's birthday was, as usual, an extravaganza.

We took the boys to Whataburger (no picture).

Then to an Astros game.  
I'm guessing there's about $500 worth of Astros paraphernalia on their bodies. 

They sat a few rows in front of us, so it was like Jason and I were almost on a date! 

After the game we went to Hard Rock Cafe (and had separate tables).

And then we did a downtown Houston segway tour. 
We did the "twilight tour" so it wouldn't be so hot! 

Our guide was super impressed with the boys knowledge of Texas history, we had to remind him that they were all in the 7th grade and had just finished up a whole year of Texas history. 

The boys loved the segways, and Jason and I learned more about Houston than living here our entire lives.  We literally didn't know one of the things that we were taught. 

We finished up with ice cream at Baskin Robbins and called JR's birthday celebration a total success. 

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