Monday, December 29, 2014

About Half

I was going to try and wrap up Christmas and before Christmas in this one post, but I think that's too much, so here's about half:
Jason took Kyle and Reed to have their picture made with Santa. 
JR and I were someplace else (I'm sure one of his practices for something.) 

Then the little guys had their Christmas party at school.
I helped in Kyle's class since there were already 25 mamas helping in Reed's.
(Notice the live table decorations...cause 1st graders really appreciate a good centerpiece.)

Crafts in Kyle's room. No tablescapes.

That night we had Jason's work Christmas party at our house.
We had about 60 people, a food truck, and a band.
There are no pictures, which I'm quite happy about, since at one point in the evening I sang/performed "Girls, Girls, Girls" and a few other 80's ditties in their entirety. 
What can I say...the band gave me the microphone.
I would also like to add that I wore winter white from head to toe and didn't spill one thing on myself! (I actually got more compliments on my spill free winter white outfit than my Christmas decorations.)
The next morning (and boy did it come early) we did the 12K of Christmas run since Jason's company was a sponsor.  We totally would have bailed, but Kyle had been looking forward to it for weeks.
He was most excited that he won the costume contest.
He got to stand on the winner's stand and won a bag of hot chocolate. Super exciting stuff.
And the next morning we boarded a plane for Telluride.
And that seems a good place to stop.

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