Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The other Half

Telluride was nice enough to showcase every single weather system that could possibly show up in December on our 4 ski days.
Here's our first morning on the gondola.  We don't have a return gondola picture that day because the 80 mile an hour winds knocked out electricity, and the gondola.  (We had to ride the bus down.)  I also don't have ski pictures from that day because I was having a hard enough time just standing up.  Kyle and Reed were literally getting blown backwards back up the mountain.

 But typical mountain weather, the bad doesn't last long.
We had a gorgeous, perfect Christmas eve day.

This is the very tippy top of Telluride. It's gorgeous.

Now take a good look at the picture above, because the one below was taken at the top of the little hill you see behind Jason's head the next day.

Snow, but at least no wind!
And it was for sure a white Christmas since it kept on snowing. (That's Reed)
This was my ski lift partner.
And no, you don't normally have snow all over your goggles, but when you cartwheel as many times as Kyle does, it tends to end up there.
Being the daredevil of the family does mean you spend a lot of time trying to find, then dig out your skis.
What the others looked like on the lifts...
and while skiing.
In town we were able to find Rudolph and The Abominable Snowman.
 The kids left Santa a bowl of Fruit Loops and a Coke for Christmas Eve.
Reed wrote him a letter asking if he could leave them 1 or 2 small things there, but to take their presents to Houston.  Santa was nice enough to honor their request.
And we had Christmas Day service on the mountain.
A very beautiful "church" indeed.

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