Sunday, December 7, 2014

It Was The Best Ever

Last night was the final show of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and there were tears after.
I knew there would be.
JR loved being with the high school kids so much.
They were so sweet to him, and really made him feel special.
He kept saying, "I just don't want it to be over. I just don't want it to be over."
JR was fantastic as Leroy Herdman.  He was always in character, and whether he was smelling his own armpits, measuring his muscles, or threatening another kid on stage with his fist he was hilarious.
We weren't allowed to take pictures or video, but I did order the professional video they did last night, so I'm hoping to have that back soon!
This is the only picture I have, but I love it. 
 JR with all the other Herdmans.
The Herdmans made the show.  All of them were so funny.
(3 of them are high schoolers, 1 is in jr high, and 2 are in elementary.)
We had to supply our own costumes, so that's my denim jacket JR's wearing. In another scene he wore one of Jason's camouflage shirts as a jacket.  With his hair spiked up, we definitely had him dressed as "punk kid" as we could.

And even though this show is over, he still has some dramatics to go: a showcase this afternoon and Annie coming up this weekend.

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