Sunday, December 4, 2016

Square Dancing at the Beach

The 3rd grade took a field trip to Galveston on Friday to perform their square dancing that they do every year in PE at a physical fitness conference. 

They had to be at school at 6:00, so they could perform at 9:00.
I was excited that I wasn't able to chaperone this field trip because they weren't getting back until after JR and I had to be at our rehearsals.  
(I'm not a fan of 6:00 AM bus trips or Moody Gardens...which is where they were going after they danced.)

I heard that fun was had by all, but that they loved the chartered buses more than anything because there were bathrooms on them.

They reported that they danced great, and that Moody Gardens was "boring", which I know they were right about both! 

These are some pictures I was able to get from the poor parents that did have to go. Bless their hearts.

Kyle's dance partner was Audrey (front and center) that make 3 years running that these two have been square dance partners! 

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