Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Christmas Party

Jason and I had our annual Christmas party Saturday night. We sold it in our school auction this year, so everyone paid the school to come hang out with us. 

 Because JR and I are in the 1st Baptist show this was the only night we were able to have it.  Also because we are in the show, JR and I had rehearsal from 9-4 on Saturday so Jason had to pull this party together by himself. 

Jason did a great job, as usual.  So great that our guests starting arriving at 6:00 and the last group left at 1:00 AM.

Here's what we looked like before it started.  (The one and only picture from the night.)

And here's what I looked like all day while Jason was party prepping.  
These are the others elves in my dance group.  Jason asked why I was dancing with kids...I said, "Well, first off they are in high school and middle school, and secondly...because I'm the same height as they are!" 

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