Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Shopping and Elves

I was also a "shopper" in the opening number of the show.  I walked down the aisle like I was shopping and then broke in to dance with a giant shopping bag.

These costumes weren't so exciting. We had to wear red, green, black, or white.  And we had to look like it was cold, so obviously we weren't "shopping" anywhere near Houston.

 It was all my own stuff, except for the red coat, it's my moms.

(you can see how fancy our dressing rooms were)

JR and I were also elves.
I don't have a picture of him as an elf (he was not excited about the costume) but here I am with my elf group.

And here's what we looked like on the stage.  The arrow shows you where JR and I were dancing.

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