Friday, January 11, 2019

So Many Crafts

Reed was all about the activities this trip.

Even Kyle who normally doesn't care for "Farts and Crafts" (as he calls them) did a few.

They both came back to the room with Mickeys they had made.

And I had a bed full of origami one afternoon.

Reed and I went to towel folding class, where we didn't do terrible.

our bears

Except I never could get my swan to stay up by itself.

Reed's did, of course.

Speaking of my crafts, I thought my Disney door decorations were cute.
I even made our friends'.

But who needs to go make stuff when you can just ask for it?
Kyle liked the decorative fish made out of a lemon at lunch so they just gave it to him. 
(And just check out that lunch of sushi and mac-and-cheese. Wow.)

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