Monday, May 4, 2015

Talent Show

Wednesday night about 10:00 I got an email asking if JR would host the school talent show.  JR was already in the show, but I told them yes, he would love to host.
(On a side note, Reed and Kyle had a rollerskating/stilt/hoola-hoop routine all worked up only to learn you have to be in 3rd grade before you can audition.)
I wrote up a script for him in between bug shows on Thursday and we worked hard trying to learn how to say everyone's name correctly. Since JR was in school all day Thursday and had Music Man practice that night, there wasn't much time to pull his hosting duties (and a hosting outfit) together.
(He's wearing black cargo shorts so he really looked cute!)

He hosted 2 shows for the entire school Friday morning, then hosted 3 separate shows (3rd, 4th, and 5th grade) that night. And I'm not just bragging like a mom here, I'm actually pretty sure an adult wouldn't have done as good of a job as he did.
BTW, I don't just scream out "that's my baby!" at baseball games.  As soon as he was done speaking (in the video you're about to see) the 3 moms next to me started saying how good he was. So I leaned over and said, "He's mine!"  (This was the 1st show during the school day.)

And when you're the host and in the show, you have to introduce yourself. His introduction of himself is the cutest thing ever. Ever.

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