Sunday, May 31, 2015

Runners Up

Wow, the sun came out today.
I hardly knew what it was!

In between the beginning of the week floods and the end of the week floods, Reed's baseball team was finally able to play their championship game (almost 2 weeks after it was originally scheduled).

Reed did good in the outfield, but not so great hitting.  He was able to score 1 run when he ran home from second (we don't scream "you can't stop a cheetah" when Reed's running the bases for nothing).

The rest of his team couldn't seem to pull it together either, and they lost the championship.

But hey, 2nd place in a league of 44 teams is certainly something to be proud of.

Reed took it much better than JR, who we had to send to the car because he couldn't stop crying.
(See, I'm totally not exaggerating when I tell you about JR's passion for cheering on his favorite teams.)

Here's Reed with his well earned 2nd place trophy.

And this picture just cracks me up. 
 The dads all had to jump in the team picture. 
Of course, they (the dads)  didn't let the moms get one with the team!

It was a super fun first baseball season (even with all the rain) and Kyle will be giving up keeping the concession stand in business as he and Reed both are going to play a short summer season in July.

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