Thursday, May 7, 2015

Big Fan

Tuesday was our last regular season baseball game.  I love their little team.  The boys are so sweet and the moms (and dads) are all really nice.  I thought baseball was going to be miserable, but it's been really fun.
Here's their little team.

I just couldn't handle the cheesy, fake background (as seen above) from Reed's individual pictures, so I took some myself.
Mine are way cuter.
Even with the bandages from his stitches.

The boys got 3rd place in their division (Reed's super excited they won trophies) and they made the playoffs. 
You pretty much need an engineering degree to understand the playoff bracket, but I did understand it enough to know to show up to our 1st game tonight. 
Granny Sherry and I are treating these playoffs like it's the Astros in the World Series, as you can see by my bloodied finger from ringing a cowbell.
I mean, if I'm not the most obnoxious fan in the stands then I'm pretty much a failure, right?
(And yes, the torn up knuckle was worth it...they got the win.)

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