Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Running and Math in one Post

So after the big Talent Show Friday night, Kyle and I were up bright and early to run a 5K to support art programs in our school district.  And yes, I find it totally ironic that it was Kyle that ran and not the two kids I have that love art and dramatic art.
JR just stayed home, and Reed had a baseball game later that morning. 
Here he is having a little celebratory lunch after the game. 
(On a side note, these two are in the same class at school.  Reed's poor teacher.  She's forever calling them each others names, and I even have trouble telling them apart on the baseball field!)

Here's our 5K selfie (obviously white visors are cool).
And Kyle's post race bottle of water.
Now, I'm going to be real honest with you, I haven't run since I did the marathon. I ran 3 miles about 2 weeks after it, and then I've never run again.
 I just haven't felt like running. (I sound like the opposite of Forrest Gump.)

So with this 5K under my belt, I've now run exactly 6.1 miles since January 19th.
(It's pretty sad when the math is that easy.)
We didn't do the competitive race so we don't have an official time, but I timed us, and we did it in 40 minutes...which I think is decent for little 7 year old legs that have trained about as much as I have...which is none.

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