Monday, June 1, 2015

Because of the Rain

I heard on the radio this morning that we got 26 inches of rain in Houston in the month of May. 
The wettest May ever.
It wasn't just us that the rain upset, Hunter has decided that he's going to have panic attacks during thunderstorms in his old age.
Here he is when I picked him up all pretty from the groomer (you'll notice it was raining that day).
And here he is about a week later after a panic attack I wasn't home for. 
 I'd think a closet would be a good place to hide if you were scared. Hunter thought going outside and wallowing in mud was the way to go.
After looking through my May pictures it seems the rain certainly didn't slow us down from eating.

And it didn't slow Kyle down from posing with "fun" things like bottles of water or a table.

We were able to sneak in an Astros game.

And thankfully, we were able to make it up to Denver and back.
JR and Reed waiting to board.

Reed asleep on a very nice stranger. 
Here's hoping June will dry us out a bit.  No rain in the forecast for the next week!

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