Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Jail Break

School has been out for a week so I guess I better finish up blogging about it.
The school fair was cancelled twice for the rain.
We finally had it 2 days before school was out (this one was rain or shine).
Luckily there was shine...but also a lot of mud.
Of course the mud didn't slow the kids down one bit.
Trying to keep up with 3 kids and work a booth (mine was hand the kids a dozen cascarones and let them break them on each other) I didn't get many pictures.
Here's Reed ready to throw a "pie" at a 5th grader.

 Here's Kyle's snake on his arm.
Here's the one time I ran in to JR.
You'll notice JR's "jail" shirt.  The kids could pay a ticket to send the 5th graders to jail, then somebody else would have to pay a ticket to bail them out. 
 I guess kids started paying for other grades too because all of mine got sent to jail. 
I also heard over the loud speaker: "Kyle Ingersoll has broken out of jail without bail and needs to come back."  
Which didn't surprise me one bit.

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Anonymous said...

Funny Funny. No surprise there. Kyle could always escape . MR