Wednesday, June 3, 2015

We're Free

It's the last day of school!
(School should not continue on up into June in Texas.  It's too hot and we are ready to be out!)
Kyle has had a great year. He has loved school (because he has been in love with his teacher) and never complained once.  His teacher and I were laughing because she heard me working with the kids one day and said, "You talk to them just like I do."  I said, "I tell my husband all the time you treat the kids the same way I treated the kids when I taught...I think that's why Kyle loves you so much. It's like being at home!" 
It also helps that she's quite pretty,
Kyle and his buddies celebrating the last day

Reed has also had a fantastic year.  His teacher loved him and he loved her.  She was very sweet with the kids and Reed loved going to school everyday.  They were perfect for each other. 
 (And again, it helps when you happen to be pretty too.)
Reed on the last day
I'm really glad JR got the opportunities he did this year.  I'm thankful he was able to do the announcements and MC the talent show to show off his gifts. 
I've told you before how JR is quite the celebrity with the lower grades.  Just look at how the firsties reacted to him at the 5th grade clap out.
But, it's definitely time for JR to go on to middle school!  Here we are after 5th grade graduation.

Welcome  Summer!

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