Thursday, April 21, 2016

Bros Seein The Stros

I wasn't supposed to even go to the Astros game Saturday night.
The plan was for Jason to take Reed and 2 of his friends.

But then JR and Jason got invited to sit with Christian and his dad, so I found myself baseballing with three 8 year old boys.

They celebrated 2 home runs...even though we still lost.

And ate pizza and ice cream.

JR scored them all a free hat
but they still said their souvenir was getting on the jumbo-tron.
I even had two people I didn't even know were at the game text me to tell me they saw them dancing around. 

We could see JR and Christian from where we were sitting, and they were sometimes nice enough to wave back.

And if you're feeling sorry for "poor Kyle" who didn't get to go, don't.
Granny Sherry sent me this picture of him enjoying his evening at her house.

(And he gets to take 2 friends another night.)

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