Sunday, April 10, 2016


This is the first time since JR got the acting bug that he hasn't been doing a show.

He auditioned for a show (that I really thought he'd get) that would have kept us busy this spring. 
But, he didn't get it, so we switched gears and he's just been working on some of his skills this semester. 

He's been taking a cabaret class (why did stuff like this not exist when I was young?!) and they had their recital on Saturday.

All the kids sang in 3 songs which were songs from Bring It On the Musical, Carrie the Musical (yes, like the horror movie) and 13 the Musical.  Then there were solos and duets from other shows.

JR sang "Purpose" from Avenue Q, "You and Me" from The Book of Mormon, and then had a substantial part in the group number 13.

All the grandparents were in attendance (yes, that's my mom you hear cheering, clapping, and wooing) and as usual, we were all super proud to claim him as ours.

Here's Purpose

You and Me


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