Friday, April 1, 2016

For the Birds

Kyle and Reed were in the 2nd grade Birds Play last night.

They both had speaking parts, but it was really hard to recognize anybody in their costumes. 
 I videoed at dress rehearsal and actually missed Kyle's part. (At least I knew when he was up for the night show,)

Reed was a parrot

and Kyle was a woodpecker.  (We actually have a woodpecker at our house right now and I never knew how crazy loud they are!  Kyle being a woodpecker is way cuter than a real woodpecker.)

Here's Reed's part.  

Reed's class sang "Birdseed in Paradise"

Here's Kyle's big part.  He's the 1st one to speak.

And then they sang "Redneck Birds"

We thought our little birds were adorable.

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