Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Little Jan and Not Jan

JR came home from school on Monday and informed me I  "needed to do his Greek mythology homework."  He just assumed that since it involved drawing and coloring I was his go-to.

Now, I showcase JR's talents on here all the time, but drawing and coloring are not one of them.  So I enlisted my mini me to do the drawing, but I did make JR do the coloring.  (JR had to do everything except the drawing...he also had to list some things on the back of the pictures.  I know, the horror of him having to do some actual work!) 

So here are a few of Reed's cutest pictures.  He was worried they weren't good enough and the teacher wouldn't think JR did them.  I kept telling Reed, "Oh, she'll be super impressed with 'JR's' 

And as you look at these, remember this is coloring done by an almost teenager.  Oh my. 

Look at these next two. JR hardly even bothered to follow the pencil lines, and then he certainly didn't bother to erase the pencil lines.  

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