Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Some More and Another

Since my last baseball update, they won two more games and lost one.  
Which I think puts them at 3-3.

I didn't take any pictures at their next win, but I have some video.  My videos usually end up with me cheering, and a video of the ground where I miss the play completely.

This one wasn't so exciting/stressful that I managed to catch them.

Here's Kyle getting an out at 1st from the pitcher,

If I'd known what was about to happen, I'd have missed it.  
Reed made an unassisted double play (At least that's what JR tells me it's called). 
He caught a pop fly (which you can't really see), then tagged the kid running from 1st.

There were lots of fans in the audience to see the next win. 

Then last night we played another team from our school, which is always hard. 

But thankfully next door neighbor, Dave, was there to make the loss not so bad.

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