Sunday, November 6, 2016

Fall Concert

JR had his fall choir concert last week.
He has a new choir teacher this year, and though the new teacher frustrates us mamas with his lack of communication, he totally makes up for it in the teaching our kids to sing department.

The advanced choirs started off with the National Anthem.  Reed has been to plenty of plays, musicals, and concerts and when they finished he turned around to me and said, "Wow! That was really good!"

JR is standing next to next door neighbor, Mary. Of course they have to act like they don't even know each other. 

Then JR sang 2 more songs with the advanced men's choir.
Here's a little sampling of one of the songs.

We were super impressed and are very happy with the new choir director!

As usual, JR had a big fan club in attendance.

Kyle said he refused to go to the choir concert to watch JR, but was happy to go and watch Mary.
Reed went to watch JR, but was first in line to get his picture with Mary. 

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