Sunday, November 20, 2016

Definitely on the Naughty List

I finished getting all my Christmas decorations up on Friday.
With everything going on I've been working on it since before Halloween.  It was a long, slow process this year.

But for some reason, Chloe has a problem with Santa Claus.
These are the remains of the second Santa she's chewed up! 

She's actually taking them off the shelves to destroy them.

I was able to find this Santa's face, but there was no way to put him back together.
Sorry Santa. 

I wanted to get mad at her, but then I found her like this.
(If you look closely at her arm you can see some Santa beard still on her!) 
And how am I supposed to get mad at that?

But, I'm pretty certain this means Santa won't be bringing Chloe any presents! 

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