Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Real Halloween

So here are last night's costumes:
We pulled Kyle's costume together in about 3 minutes. He couldn't believe next door neighbor, Dave, could tell immediately what he was....A Hawaiian tourist. 

Reed's costume took about 5 minutes.  
This costume came about because we found this hat in the prop closet.  We turned his school spirit shirt inside out, put on a bathing suit, and I cut the bow tie out of some Christmas ribbon...instant leprechaun. 

Reed went off with Pierce (I missed getting a picture) and Kyle went off with his group of friends.

JR was Trump and Christian wore one of my afro wigs. 
(JR is doing his "we need to build a wall" impersonation here.)

Chloe said she was Ivanka Trump because they are both so beautiful. 
(JR still doing his "Trump face".)

And Jason and I passed out candy with Granny Sherry.
Jason was a pumpkin, and I was a stressed out mom who has to raise $180,000 at the school auction in 11 days.

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