Monday, September 1, 2014

Summer Wrap Up

I think today is the official last day of summer (except that it will feel like summer here until at least November), so I decided to throw in any pictures that didn't make the cut these last 3 months.
In no particular order...
There was alligator wrestling
 and snow cone eating.
 We went to Space Center Houston.
And I stuffed envelopes for a Republican Women or two impressed me.

We rode our bikes to get donuts. (Cause that burns off all the donut calories, right?)

And went to a few Astros games.

Movies were watched and dogs were used as cushions.
Thankfully there was always plenty of TexMex to be had.
And, yes, we bought the cheesy family cruise pictures.
If it's the only family photo we take before December, please act surprised when you see it on our Christmas card.

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