Sunday, November 9, 2014

Playing a Bad Boy

A few weeks back I read in the kids' school's newsletter that Memorial High School was having auditions for The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.  The high school kids would be playing most of the parts, but they wanted to cast a few elementary/middle school kids for the younger kid roles.
(7 to be exact, with 5 of those being female parts.)
JR freaked out when I told him, and started preparing a new monologue specifically for this audition.
I wasn't sure how many kids were planning on auditioning, but auditions started at 10 and the first available audition slot I could get for him was 12:15, so that right there tells you there were quite a few.
We got the cast list yesterday, and JR was cast!
He'll be playing Leroy Herdman. (If you know anything about The Best Christmas Pageant Ever then you know the Herdmans are the bad kids that take over the Christmas Pageant.)
His practices start tomorrow, and he couldn't be more excited to be a 5th grader in a high school show! (I'm pretty excited for him too.) 
Here he is with a little celebratory Dairy Queen.


Anonymous said...

All right! All right! All right! All right! MR

Anonymous said...

Singing opera in German and now playing a "bad boy"!!! What next for this upcoming actor???? Would love to be there to see him!!

JoAnn said...

Sorry, didn't get my name in the last post, this is coming from Great Aunt JoAnn in Minnesota