Thursday, December 31, 2015

Year End Spectacular

I can't believe New Year's Eve snuck up on me!
Here's our annual year in review.
I ran the Houston marathon. I haven't run (or made any plans too) ever again.

Reed won Valentine's Day receiving 11 lollipop grams and giving out the most awesome Valentines.
I made the best costumes for the Texas play.  Nobody looked as good as Blue Bell ice cream and Cowboy #7.
Baseball with dad is dangerous.
There was trouble in River City when JR was Harold Hill
 (and then he was Harold Hill again in June).
Everything turned in to a contest on our cruise.  Kyle and Jason walked away the ultimate winners with a victory at shuffleboard.  Others were not happy about that.
Nobody wanted to come home from Camp Olympia. 
Their talent show entry has become legendary.
Jason has never been so excited about a preseason football game.
Vegas. Britney. Front Row.
JR wound up on both Channel 2 and 11 news
Jason "rang" the NYSE closing bell. We were all impressed.
The Ingersoll Family pulled off a party for 96!
And though 2015 was filled with many happy times, I can't end without saying that we still miss our Hunter that we lost this year.
Jason and I both teared up about him just this week.
Here's to a great 2016!

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