Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Me! Harry McAfee!

As I mentioned, Kyle also did Bye, Bye, Birdie this weekend.  He played the father, Harry McAfee.
  It was a good little part for him for his first time out.  I kept telling him that JR didn't start theater until he was 9, and wasn't in a musical until he was 10. 
You can definitely see the difference in stage presence between the young ones and the older ones, but that's how you learn.  Kyle's seen enough of JR's shows to know to talk slow and loud.  He had that down.
Here he is finding out his family is going to be on the Ed Sullivan Show.
Here's his wife trying to keep him off camera at the Ed Sullivan Show.
Look how happy these two are to just be on stage.

And here's his big solo.  Kids
He was definitely singing out during the finale!

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