Sunday, December 13, 2015

We Pulled it Off

We pulled off our biggest Christmas party ever on Saturday night. 
 My original plan was to have a Sunday afternoon/evening family open house.  I thought it would be come look at my Christmas trees, have a cookie, chat for a few minutes, and move it along.
But then the neighborhood Christmas party was scheduled for Sunday and the kids have basketball practice. 
So I decided to have it on Saturday night.  I assumed everyone would be busy with other parties and maybe a few people would stop by on their way to bigger and better parties. 
I went ahead and invited whole families because, again, I assumed there would be very few people who had nothing to do. 
The way to get on my invitation list was pretty easy too: If my kids like your kid and you have spoken to me or been friendly in any way, you were in.
Guess what?
Apparently nobody had anything to do Saturday night because our RSVP list had 115 saying yes.
Jason and I stayed somewhat calm.  We knew we were either hosting the party of the year, or we were going to crash and burn miserably.
I made cookies, brownies, and coffee punch.  Jason made chili, little smokies, and all the dips.  We had cheese/sausage/cracker plates, pizzas, tamales, a ham...pretty much anything you can think of that Costco sells to feed 115 people!
Our actual total was 96 (you always have RSVPers that are no-shows) and the party went off without a hitch.  We didn't crash and burn!
We took one picture before the party started, but the lighting was weird so this was the best I could edit it. 

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