Monday, December 14, 2015

Just Add to the Crazy

So if we weren't busy enough having a party for a 100 people on Saturday night, we also had two shows to attend on Saturday afternoon.  Kyle and JR were both in Bye, Bye, Birdie and since they are so far apart in ages, they were in different shows.
JR was great (but this mama always thinks he's great). I would have loved to see him play Conrad Birdie (the Elvis character) but he had the main part of Conrad's manager, Albert.
He was mad they cut his 2nd solo because they ran out of time to stage it in rehearsals, but he was so good at this one I didn't even mind.
And, of course,  I got a few pictures.
On a side note, I wish poodle skirts would come back in style.

Finding out Conrad Birdie has been drafted into the army

Watching everyone faint over Conrad.

With his secretary, Rosie

With his mama

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