Tuesday, March 8, 2016

More Fairing

So the fair at the Houston Rodeo had a few different things to offer than the school fair.

Besides the scary, unsafe rides I'm always terrified the kids are going to get slung out of, there was also:

Giant turkey legs to be eaten
Fried cookie dough, Oreos, Twix, and pictured here, Nutella
  the Sam Houston bearkat for Miss Cassidy and Paw-Paw

And, of course, root bear floats (although that was actually at the rodeo and not the fair).
The boys liked the rodeo except during the calf roping and steer wrestling when Kyle would scream out "They're killing him! The cow's dead!"  (They weren't killing the cows, nor were they dead.)
Reed decided he'd like to participate in the calf scramble (kids try to catch a calf) when he's in high school as long as he doesn't have to actually keep or raise the calf.

The entertainer was Shawn Mendes...much to the squealing delight of thousands of young girls (and Kyle).

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