Monday, March 7, 2016

The Many Faces of Kyle

We had the school Family Fair on Friday (and then the fair and rodeo on Sunday) so I am pretty faired out.
I somehow got wrangled into working the "general store" the entire time (from 3-6) which was just selling candy and stuff, so I didn't actually see Kyle and Reed unless they swung by to see me.  (Though I did hear over the loud speaker Reed get put in jail 4 times.)
I took a picture of them as soon as the fair started because I figured I wouldn't be getting anymore.

The next time I saw Kyle he had his face painted like a cat, of course. 

When he swung around again he had been to the "fake injuries" booth (yes, that's a thing) and looked like this.

I guess his head wound got hot, because by the end of the fair, he only had a neck injury.

And by dinnertime I was out on the town with him like this.

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