Wednesday, March 2, 2016

You Don't Look a Day Over 179.

Happy 180 years of independence from Mexico, Texas.
We didn't actually celebrate today, but I guess you could say we celebrated a day early since we went to the rodeo last night.
The rodeo was quite the event too, since the Mustang/CAT chuckwagon racer flew out of his wagon and the horses ran into the wall. It was super scary, and was even on the news. You can see it here.
I guess you can say we also celebrated at the BBQ cook-off on Friday night.
We went to two of the same tents from last year, and one new one.  They all had a live band so there was dancing and fun for all.
The stage lights from one of the bands turned us a funny color so I had to make us black and white.
Wandering around looking for more BBQ !

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