Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Fishing and Spaing

The boys fishing trip was a big bust.  They didn't catch anything.

The Ingersolls seem to have terrible luck with salt water fishing. 
 (We didn't catch anything in Hawaii either.)

But from what I hear, lunch was super yummy

And Kyle has added fishing boat driver to his career choices.

"I'll be a ski lift operator in the winter, and a fishing boat driver in the summer."

Luckily our friends' boat was much more successful and we had a delicious grilled fish dinner.

And I know I sound like I was a dud on vacation when I say I wasn't on this outing either.

 But I wasn't a dud at all.  I was at quite possibly the best spa I've ever been to in the world.

Here's another view of those 3 chairs we are sitting in.  

This is what it looked like when I walked in to get my mud wrap.
Yes, I know it says "Jen", but I'll answer to anything that starts with a "J"

So, yeah, not sorry I missed the fishing at all. 

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