Friday, August 25, 2017

It's Raining

There's a hurricane that's supposed to hit Corpus Christi, but the way everyone is acting you'd think it was hitting Houston head-on.  I'm convinced that the news is just trying to get us worked up so people will watch them.

I may be eating my words later, but I expect: wind, rain, flooding, and people will drive in to the high water and drown (but what else is new in Houston?) 

I was not one of the crazies stripping the shelves of water, bread, and peanut butter.  My across the street neighbor is hollering out we're going to get 40-50 inches of rain.  Well, if that's true, we'll be in such a mess I'm not sure how an extra case of water is going to help you out.

I did pick up a lighter when I was at Walgreen's yesterday (because we didn't even have one) and I'm doing laundry and writing this blog so those will be all caught up if the electricity goes out.

So, consider myself prepared.

School was cancelled (it's literally barely a drizzle) but as long as there's electricity mine will all entertain themselves.

I'll be happy to eat crow later if I'm wrong, but I'm sticking with my prediction for now.

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