Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Float Winners

I was so excited that Shelley let me help decorate her son's 4th of July parade "float" since I didn't have any to decorate this year. 

I think we did an awesome job.  Zachary even caught right on to the importance of doing "Ta-Da" to present our masterpiece!

He also knows the importance of good costuming.  He was insistent on wearing his Easter Bunny mask for the picture.  

Zachary won the "flag" award today.  Shelley said they don't have an overall 1st place, and the kid that won the "push buggies and wagons" award had his house flooded in Harvey.  So we'll take the "flag" award knowing that we really won.

I mean, it even looks good from behind!

Speaking of having to let others win even though we should have...JR, Maw-Maw, and Paw-Paw took 2nd place in their float.  Loosing to the VFW for the 2nd year in a row.

Now I wasn't there to see if the VFW should have legitimately won.  But judging on what JR sent me, I'm pretty sure they shouldn't have.  JR and I were joking that we just needed to dress Paw-Paw up in his old army uniform.

Yesterday JR told me that they weren't going to really do much this year, and I told him he couldn't sully the Reynolds/Ingersoll 4th of July parade float name like that. 

 I'm happy to see that they decided to go ahead and go all out, or they considered this "not doing much".  Either way it's a total win in my book...even if it's a 2nd place win. 

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