Thursday, July 19, 2018

More Vacationing

If going on a hunting trip wasn't exciting enough, well then, we know Schlitterbahn certainly is.

We did our annual trip with Cassidy and her family which made it all the more fun for everyone involved.   

As it always is, when you're having too much fun you forget to take pictures, so I have very little to show for our trip.

Cassidy and me at Gruene Hall the night before Schlitterbahning reved up.

JR's got about 2 more inches to go until he's as tall as Mr. Brad

That's me on The Falls

It doesn't take much to make the kids go to bed after a day in the park. 

The little guys busing it over to the "original" park.

And we took a picture of them all lined up by age because Reed said we had taken one a few years ago in Huntsville at the snow cone stand.  (5 years between pictures)

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