Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Eve Recap

So here is our Christmas Eve Recap...Christmas Eve started about 6:45 AM when JR's eyes flew open. Next his mouth flew open and I believe these are the only words he spoke all day long...nonstop...."Can I open my presents? Is it time to open presents? Can I please open one present? Is Santa coming tonight? Is it time to open presents? Can I open my presents? I'm ready to open presents..." Mama and Daddy, I'm so sorry if I ever badgered you to open presents! Be assured that if I did, what went around has come around ten fold!

Jason finally got JR's mind off of presents for about a minute by making cookies for Santa.

Around 2:00 JR got his BIG present from Grandpa Gary and Granny Buffie. He jumped right on his new 4-wheeler, threw it in 2nd gear (because 1st gear is much too slow) and took off. It is so cute! It even has a tool box on the back (which JR uses to carry the mail back home after he checks it). So far he hasn't hit anything and he rides all over the yard. It really is funny to watch him ride.

After dinner JR finally got to open the rest of his presents from Grandpa Gary, Granny Buffie, and us. As you can see, he's still wearing the Santa hat. He gets excited about anything Transformers...even clothes.

Here's JR practicing to go to Africa this spring with his new safari jungle set. Grandpa was pretty upset that animals included in the set don't actually live in the squirrels and tigers.

FINALLY, it was time for bed so Santa could come. JR set out the milk and cookies and even wrote Santa a thank you note.


Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed, next year I'm going to hang my stocking right beside the J R.

Kristi said...

How fun! Now I'm going to have to find Transformers clothes, too...