Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hunting Trip

The hunting trip to Uvalde was a big success. I thought I would let JR tell you all about it, so I played secretary while JR dictated. "I shot a deer and a black pig and I shot all the targets. And I had a big house and a little house that you had to climb a ladder to. And I was pretty good. And I shot lots of targets and I got a silver bullet and a light bullet, they were big. And I folded napkins, and I helped cook, and I ate 2 hot dogs.
For breakfast I had a big french fry, scrambled eggs, and bacon with ketchup. I put a stick on the pig's back and 2 rocks on it. And we used a stick to show his teeth and we put a rock under him so he could stand up. And I want to show everyone all the pages in my new Scooby Doo pop up book, Folks, you need to look inside this book."

Jason's side of the story is just a little bit different. It was actually Jason and Grandpa that shot the animals (a buck, doe, and the pig for Jason and a doe for Grandpa), but JR did get to target shoot, although I think he did have a little trouble getting the hang of looking through the scope. Jason said everybody got a big kick out of JR. The cooks let JR help them in the kitchen, and JR came home showing us his new napkin folding skills. My favorite story from the trip was when they first got to the lodge JR walked in and saw a musk ox and elk on the wall. He quickly pointed and told everybody, "I have one of those in MY office; I have one of THOSE in MY office too." Thankfully, a good time was had by all....can you imagine if JR hadn't like hunting? Oooh, I don't even want to go there!

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Anonymous said...

What an exciting adventure for JR. I love the comments about "my office" too cute. and of course its great that he enjoys hunting. Those are some nice photos for the memory books and office walls too. Love ya..Lu