Thursday, December 27, 2007

Santa Presents Recap

I really thought that Christmas Day would start about 5 AM, but to our pleasant surprise, JR didn't wake up until his usual 7:30. He ran in our room and told us in the most pitiful voice I have ever heard, "Santa didn't come...." We reassured him that Santa probably did come and he needed to go check again. He was back in a second screaming, "He did come! He did come! Santa actually did come!" We found out later that JR had just assumed Santa didn't come because he hadn't heard him during the night....boy, that Santa sure is sneaky.
JR was pretty impressed that Santa ate all 3 cookies and drank all the milk...more proof that Santa had "actually come"!
Here's JR modeling his Spiderman house shoes that "Santa bought for him at Target!"

I guess Santa knew that JR needed a Spiderman bike to go with his Spiderman house shoes.

And the best present of all....The Smart Cycle. For those of you without preschool kids, it's a video game system, but the kids peddle the bike to play the games. If JR is in the house, he's playing it, and if he's not playing it, he's asking if he can play it. He can work up quite a sweat! Go, JR, Go!


Anonymous said...

Next year I'm going to hang my stocking right beside J R's stocking. mom

Kristi said...

I think Caleb and JR had the same Christmas - bike and Smart Cycle!